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Who is Vikk Star123 (Vikram Singh Barn)?

Vikram Singh Barn popularly known as Vikk Star123 was born on the 2nd of August, 1995 in India to an Indian parents. He is well known to be an English YouTuber and Internet celebrity. He is a member and co-founder of the Sidemen, a British YouTube group.

The social media star was born in Guildford in a family of Indian descent. Barn lived in Guildford till he was eight years old and it was disclosed that he has two siblings whose name remains undisclosed yet, he seemed to be very intelligent since he was very tender.

According to him, he had very good and impressive grades while growing up as a kid which made him get an offer to study in the University of London to learn natural sciences so he then decided to take up You Tube as a full-time career since he already has passion for it.

He lives alongside his other five friends making them six and all of them are all gamers. They have a gang name called Sidemen and are very popular in the gaming industry.

Vikk Star123 (Vikram Singh Barn)
Vikk Star123 (Vikram Singh Barn)

He also happened to be part of a very popular Minecraft group named the pack and his knife techniques videos to get a kill is very fascinating which made it very popular.


After his education, he joined the YouTube in the year 2010 at the age of 14. According to what he said during an interview, he was inspired after watching other YouTuber’s videos and he then decided that since they were doing well in his dream field, he was going to do better than they did and today his channel is acknowledged as one of the fastest growing channels on YouTube.

Afterwards he joined the group named sidemen and he was the last member to join the house which made him well known for his gaming killing skills.

According to him, he said he doesn’t like playing FIFA much and he also participated in the 2021 MC championship as red rabbit alongside Tubbo, Niki and Tommyinnit.


In the year 2017, he announced leaving call of duty due to cheating and hacking problems. Vikram has 3 YouTube channels with millions of subscribers on each of them and together with the Sidemen he has about 3 billion views combined


Although Vikkstar has kept his personal life somewhat under wraps, there are several photographs on his Instagram account featuring him and his girlfriend.

Vikk Star123 and Girlfriend
Vikk Star123 and Girlfriend

She is called Ellie Harlow but she doesn’t have any public social media profiles at the time of writing.

In a previous picture, the two were seen cosying up to one another in a selfie, which he captioned: “Low quality photo, high quality couple.”

However, while it’s been known for some time that Vikkstar has a significant one, she is not tagged in any of the pictures, perhaps suggesting that she would prefer to stay out of the limelight.

Vikkstar’s girlfriend? Fans rejoice as YouTuber gets engaged

Vikkstar released a new video titled “Why my girlfriend isn’t on YouTube” where he discussed his relationship.

During the video, someone asked Vikkstar why his girlfriend isn’t in any of his videos. He replied: “Well the simple answer is, she doesn’t want to be. She’s not really interested in having lots of followers.

Net Worth

Barn is doing well as he has 3 YouTube channels of his own where he has a lot of subscribers in each of the channel and the young gamer has made quite a fortune from the game Minecraft and also due to the fame he has, he has been endorsed by so many companies and has an estimated net worth of about $1million.

Quick Summary
Real nameVikram Singh Barn
Born2 August 1995 (age 26)
Nicknames and aliasesVik(k)
The Indian
Vindaloo Vik(k)
The Indian
Main channelVikkstar123
Other Media(s)Instagram Twitch
Side channel(s)  Vikkstar123HD
CoDKarnage (inactive) Sidemen MoreSidemen
Years active2010–present
Joined YouTube12 April 2010
Subscribers10.2 million (individually)
21.6 million (including shared channels)
Xbox Live Gamertag(s)Vikstar123
PSN username(s)Vikstarrr
GTA Online colourRace Yellow
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