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Louise Gostelow

Louise Gostelow has experience working in the auction industry. She is a frequent guest expert on BBC Antiques Road Trip and has in-depth knowledge of antiques and collectibles.

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Who is Louise Gostelow?

Louise Gostelow is a Famous British valuer and auctioneer known for her excellent bidding abilities. She is additionally a well-known TV presenter.

Gostelow has almost 20 years of experience and is a specialist in the auction industry. Since a young age, she has been fascinated by auctions and has a love of antiques.

She is the presenter of the BBC’s Antique Road Trip and manager of Dickins Auctioneers. Additionally, she works at Claydon Auctioneers.

Louise Gostelow
Louise Gostelow

Early Life and Education

Louise was born in 1978 and raised in Verney Junction, Buckinghamshire, and holds British citizenship.

Louise enjoyed antiques as a child and the exciting energy of this sector. Her interest had always been sparked by the auction.

When she went to the Winslow auctions with her parents, she chanted “auction cries” and “sales room bustle.”

Louise went to a neighboring school in East Claydon and in Thornton. She also attained Nava Chattels Auctioneering Qualification as part of her 2013 study and planning.

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In East Claydon and then in Thornton, Louise attended a nearby school. Additionally, as part of her 2013 planning and research, she obtained Nava Chattels Auctioneering Qualification.

Louise Gostelow Career Path

In 2002, Gostelow began her profession as an auctioneer. She gathered all the knowledge she could on antique collectibles and one-of-a-kind works of art. The National Association of Valuers and Auctioneers is another organization she belongs to.

Louise was given consideration for the 2018 Antiques Road Trip. She accepted the offer and quickly became one of the show’s most popular experts. She traveled the nation by car with her co-host, Philip Serrel, in search of tales based on antiques and their rich history.

Gostelow also appeared in the Celebrity Antiques Road Trip spinoff of the program. She has made significant contributions to both the artistic community and the preservation of antiques.

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Currently, Louise is in charge of the businesses Dickins Auctioneers and Claydon Auctioneers. Her primary goal is to move the company onli1ne using both cutting-edge tactics and tried-and-true ideas.

Louise Gostelow Marriage and Family

Louise Gostelow has a charming husband and is married.

Her private affairs have been kept a secret, although she leads a happy married life despite the fact that little is known about her husband.

Gostelow has five lovely kids. She has five beautiful children: Norman, Noodle, Tiggy, Pickle, and HobNob. On her social media accounts, they frequently appear.

Additionally, Gostelow can be found on Twitter. She has more than 1.1K fans and tweets under the handle @gostelowlouise.

Louise Gostelow

Louise Gostelow’s Net Worth 

An estimated $1 million is Louise Gostelow’s net worth. Her fortune’s size is a secret at this time.