Linda Plant’s Biography, Age, Height, Family, Children, Wiki, and Net Worth

Linda Plant's Biography

Linda Plant is a self-made billionaire who came from nothing. Her appearances on the BBC program The Apprentice UK helped her get the most popularity.

Linda Plant is a real estate investor, entrepreneur, interior designer, and the creator of a prominent global knitwear company. 

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Who is Linda Plant?

Linda has been Lord Sugar’s dependable friend and advisor for more than 20 years. She was born in Leeds in January 1952 to a tailor father and a market vendor mother who sold jewelry, purses, and hosiery.

Her area of specialty is fashion, and when she was 16, she dropped out of school and started the knitwear company Honeysuckle at 15.

At the age of 29, she sold the business for millions of dollars before regaining control of it years later.

Linda Plant Early Life

Linda ventured into business when she was ten years old. At a Leeds Saturday market, she was able to make 12p each day by selling stockings. At the age of 16, she later dropped out of school to work with her mother at the market stand.

She discovered a love for fashion while working with her mother, and eventually opened her fashion retail store. She began by bringing clothing from Hong Kong into the country, which she did for a while. 

Linda Plant's Biography
Linda Plant’s Biography

Profile Summary

NameLinda Plant
Age70 Years
Date of birthunknown
NationalityUnited Kingdom
Net worth$1 million – $5 million

Linda Plant’s Age, Family, and Children

Linda, who currently resides in London, turned 70 in 2022. Although her husband’s identity and other personal details are not widely known, she has three sons and had her first two children by the age of 21. She belongs to the vibrant Jewish neighborhood known as Saint John’s Wood Synagogue. She routinely makes business trips to the US.

Linda Plant’s Career Life 

At the age of 29, Linda launched Honeysuckle, an international brand of knitwear, and began selling her designs all over the world. Later, she regained control of the well-known fashion company, and she was one of the first women to list a fashion company on the London Stock Exchange.

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Plant turned her love of fashion into a career dealing with real estate. She expanded it to include creatively designing her homes. She currently works as an interior designer and as the proprietor of the global interior design and property management firm Homerun Services.

Linda founded Plant Collections, a firm that sells mid-century modern furniture, after spotting a demand in the market for reasonably priced but opulent items. She has always been passionate about business, home design, fashion, and style. 

After knowing Sir Alan Sugar for more than 20 years, she started working as an interviewer on The Apprentice.

Because of her reputation as the roughest interviewer, Linda has been known to drive some of her subjects to tears. She joined the current crop of interviewers back in 2015, and she is now coming back to share her opinion. Linda is renowned for doing everything possible. 

Linda Plant's Biography
Linda Plant’s Biography

Interesting Facts About Linda Plant 

Landa was one of the first women to lead a fashion company that floated on the London Stock Exchange thanks to the multinational fashion brand.

She left the fashion sector a few years ago, but she still keeps herself very active with more recent business endeavors.

She serves as a judge and panelist for various organizations, including the Prince’s Trust Mentor Program and the HSBC Panel of Forwarding Ladies for elite female business owners.

Linda previously stated to about her work as an interviewer on The Apprentice: “My responsibility is to assist Lord Sugar and to ensure that his £250,000 is going to the finest potential candidate. My responsibility is to confirm that the candidate has the appropriate ethos.

I’m searching for any flaws. In business, you need to be tough—firm but fair. A people person, you understand. So that Lord Sugar doesn’t make a mistake, I’ll be looking for ways to make a weak point obvious.

Do you know?

Linda once had her own electric business. She created a beautiful five-story home on her own in Regent Park, one of London’s most upscale neighborhoods. Linda is known for being tough, driven, motivated, and ambitious. She agrees that while having a goal is important, having reasonable expectations is just as crucial.

Linda struggled to find other women in business at the beginning of her career and frequently felt bad for abandoning her sons. After some time, all of her children started their businesses.

Linda supports women’s emancipation and exhorts mothers in particular to not feel guilty about entering the labor market.