‘I only date black Women’: John Boyega, Reveals What He’s Looking for in a Partner

John Boyega achieved the status of a Hollywood heartthrob thanks to his many appearances as a former stormtrooper in the Star Wars and his new role as King Gezo in “A woman is a king But, as he explained in an interview with GQ, he has certain criteria when it comes to dating, and now that he’s 30, he’s trying to be more honest and open with the people he’s seeing. “!only date Black,” he established immediately.

“I only date Black,” he said. “Then it’s about chemistry, personality, goals. Is there a synergy? Can I help you? Can you help me?”

He added, “I’m very disciplined in the type of women I speak to. Therefore don’t want you in their business.”

However, in his youth Bayega admitted that he was more like a play boy. “come on [I’m] Yoruba, “he joked, referring to his Nigerian ancestry. “When I was in college, I was a boy.

John Boyega reveals What He's Looking for in a Partner
John Boyega reveals What He’s Looking for in a Partner

I’’ve had many wives. “Now that he’s grown up, love is quickly becoming a bigger part of his life. ”I’m 30years old. Since I was 28, I’ve just been working on finding peace and getting myself to get her.

“Well, we’ve got to be honest, you know, before I wouldn’t have said that at 27, 28. Because Now I’m like, ‘No, no, you’ve got to speak it into existence,'” Boyega explained. “Brown and thick, melanin levels past 75 percent. Thick levels. You have to be looking good.”


Acting honestly and transparently. No misleading. There are no lies. And being committed to what I commit to, “he said. “I mean, it’s mental preparation, but the field…..”

While Boyega may still be figuring out how to manage his own love life, he cited his parents, Samson and Abigail, as his main role models. “Being in the public eye, they would prefer you to have a wife and a family.

Therefore is the best PR package, “he said. “But my parents have been together for 35years. There’s nothing this world can do interms of pressure to make me inspire anything other than my parents. Therefore “Let’s hope Boyeg’s specific dating standards allow for a long-lasting relationship like theirs.

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