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Who is Aubrey Marinade?

Aubrey Marinade a famous real-estate agent, also popularly known for HGTV show, Flip or Flop Vegas. Although she doesn’t originally hail from Las Vegas, Aubrey has been living in Sin City since she graduated from high school in Milton, Pennsylvania 19 years ago. “Love coming home to PA,” She recently posted on her Instagram account after a brief trip back home. Aubrey Marine is known for High Stakes Flippers (2016) Aubrey Marunde

Aubrey Marunde
Aubrey Marunde photo

She is a popular name as the co-host of the popular TV show of HGTV, Flip, or Flog Vegas. Aubrey Marinade showcases her renovation skills for decorating the house to make it presentable on the show.

Aubrey Marine is 37 years today with a successful profession as the TV host. She has studied and mastered the art of designing and real estate.

Aubrey Marine is the girl of Pennsylvania. She moved to Las Vegas after her high school. She believes that her greatest inspiration is her father. Furthermore, she always follows her father to various real estate sites. This is why she follows chooses real estate as her profession, with a true inspiration from her father.

Height and Weight of Aubrey Marinade

There is no definite information about the height and weight measurement of the celebrity. But she carries herself in the best attires to look mesmerizing. She has a slim body with a fantastic height of around 5 feet and 11 inches.

She looks beautiful with a broad smile as well as gazing blue eyes. Her hairs are long and give her an appealing look. Her husband, Bristol’s height, is 6 foot and 1 inch, and Aubrey looks pretty commendable when they both pose together for the media. Aubrey Marunde

Relationship story of Aubrey Marinade

Aubrey Marinade met Bristol in the year 2009 after a UFC match. After the match, Bristol came up to Aubrey to discuss purchasing a new house or property. Aubrey, the real-estate agent, shows her concern and gets ready to help.

They met on a coffee date, and since then, they are together as a happy, loving couple. On the date, they started the conversation on relationship expectations. Aubrey clears it out that she is very much focused on fulfilling her goals in life.

Bristol gives his full support to the thought of Aubrey, and they tied the knots in the year 2015. It was a sweet commencement of a love story and a sign of true love. Since then, the couple is standing strong with each other in all their ups and downs.

Aubrey also loves gymnastics

Aubrey Maude says in an interview that she loved to enjoy cheerleading and gymnastics during her school days. She also opted for a cheerleader scholarship for her institute that was the University of Nevada in Vegas. Along with that, she also studied marketing during her schooling period.

Aubrey Maude is a pure animal lover

Aubrey Marinade, who takes a keen interest in renovating the properties, is also a lover of animals. She owns a lot of animals as her pets. Aubrey has fishes in big aquariums, turtles, dogs to play with, parakeets, and birds. She takes proper care of all her pets and introduces them as her family.

Both Aubrey Marunde and her husband are lovers of animals and count themselves as a big family that includes the members of the mini zoo. Marinade

Aubrey calls her home “Vegas Glam.”

The decoration of Aubrey’s own house consists of elegant designs and architecture. Bristol, as well as Aubrey, gave a lot of effort to provide it with a true feel of Vegas. The house of a real estate agent must look astounding.

Marinade Aubrey Marinade says that their house highlights the “Vegas Glam.” The house is decorated with beautiful lighting accessories, and there are many show items that are the jewelry for the house.

Net Worth of Aubrey MarundeMarinade

Aubrey Marinade is a personality of a million dollars, and her bank balance speaks a similar story as well. She is a realtor for a long time and adds the right amount of money to her name.

After she starts a flipping house renovation show on HGTV, she makes good money, and the collective net worth of Aubrey and her husband totals up to $5 million. It is the total wealth count of the celebrity that comes inclusive of her sales profession, house renovation, TV hosting, and other significant endeavors.

The 37-year-old female star is looking for better opportunities in life and is going to gather a humongous figure in the coming years.

AMarinadebout Aubrey Marinade Family

Aubrey Marinade is living a happy life with Bristol since their marriage in 2015. Bristol Marinade is a UFC fighter and a mixed martial artist. Bristol is from Alaska and was born on 20th April 1980


Aubrey Marunde
Aubrey Marinade family photo

They have two children so far, and both are sons with names Kane and Kale Marunde. Kale is six years old, and Kane is 3 years.

Death of Aubrey’s brother-in-law

Jesse Marinade, a brother-in-law of, got the title of the second World’s strongest man. Due to a cardiac arrest, he died in the year of 2007. His demise was sad news for Aubrey and her family. Jesse Marinade’s wife, Callie Miranda, is now the wife of Nick Best for a long time.

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Jesse Marinade was an inspiration to Aubrey’s husband that motivates him to get into UFC fights. He still holds the history of being the youngest individual to enter the strongest man contest in the year 2002. Jesse Marinade made history at the age of 22 years.

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