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Chris Groppi

Dr. Groppi in Antarctica with one of the mentioned Kress people movers. (Episode 33) — Dr. Chris Groppi is an Associate Professor at Arizona State University. He specializes in building instruments that are used to probe the inner workings of molecular clouds and unlock the secrets of star formation. Dr. Groppi’s team at Arizona State builds components used by companies and research groups across the globe.



Jekan Thanga & Erik Asphaug

(Episode 31) — Dr. Jekan Thanga and Dr. Erik Asphaug are professors at Arizona State University. They’re leading a student-built and student-ran CubeSAT mission that will observe meteors from and monitor solar winds from Earth orbit. The SWIMSat mission recently received funding from the US Air Force.

Heather Throop

Dr. Throop at Waterberg Plateau Park, Namibia, Africa(Episode 30) — Dr. Heather Throop is an Associate Professor at the School of Earth and Space Exploration and School of Life Sciences at Arizona State University. Her career has focused on deserts and the ways in which life effects the local ecosystem. Dr. Throop recently returned from Namibia where she taught and researched in various dry lands.