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Michael Pagano

maxresdefault(Episode 19) — Dr. Michael Pagano is an astrobiologist at Arizona State University. He recently stirred up some controversy among Star Trek fans for his research on the Tau Ceti system. Dr. Pagano and his team examined the probability of the system harboring life. He has also¬†written for Slate.com.

Natalie Hinkel

IMG_1879(Episode 17) — Dr. Natalie Hinkel is an astrophysicist at Arizona State University. She has spent years compiling the largest collection of stellar abundances in her Hypatia Catalog. ¬†She is also part of the ASU NExSS project at ASU. In her “spare time” Dr. Hinkel hosts the Science Bar Podcast!

Hilairy Hartnett

Hartnett(Episode 16) — Dr. Hilairy Hartnett is a biogeochemist at Arizona State University. Her expertise lands in a wide range of topics including the carbon cycle and urban wetlands. Dr. Hartnett is also a part of many interdisciplinary projects ongoing that not only study systems on Earth but also planets outside our solar system.