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Ariel Anbar

(Episode 25) — Dr. Ariel Anbar is a President’s Professor at Arizona State University. His work is widespread but focuses on perspectives and practices of isotope geochemistry. Dr. Anbar also created an online course called “Habitable Worlds” that is being used as a model for future online learning environments.

Earth and Space Exploration Day

1934676_56539701692_1948176_n(Episode 14) — This episode was recorded at the annual Earth and Space Exploration Day on November 7th! Guests include David Williams, Ariel Anbar, Craig Hardgrove, Jenny Patience, Steve Desch, Steve Semken and Scott Smas. Topics range anywhere from Mars, CubeSATs, Pluto and exoplanets to a look into the private sector of space exploration.

Steve Desch

Steve Desch-Portrait(Episode 9) — Dr. Steven Desch is a theoretical astrophysicist who studies the formation of solar systems. He also studies meteoritic chondrules, exoplanets, and the effects of climate change.  Dr. Desch leads the ASU NExSS program that is scanning other solar systems for habitable worlds. (Recorded early Summer 2015)

Photo Credit: Andy DeLisle/ASU News