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Scott Parazynski (Repost)

Parazynski_Scott_0031b(Episode 39) — Dr. Scott Parazynski is a former NASA astronaut who flew on five shuttle missions. He was recently inducted into the United States Astronaut Hall of Fame. During his time with NASA he conducted seven spacewalks. Dr. Parazynski is also the only astronaut to summit Mt. Everest. Now, he serves as the first Professor or Practice and University Explorer at Arizona State University.

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Jordan Okie

100_1531(Episode 29) — Dr. Jordan Okie is an assistant research professor at the School of Earth and Space Exploration at Arizona State and also works in the school of life sciences and the school for the future of innovation in society. He’s a molecular biologist by trade but his work hits a variety of disciplines.




Hilairy Hartnett

Hartnett(Episode 16) — Dr. Hilairy Hartnett is a biogeochemist at Arizona State University. Her expertise lands in a wide range of topics including the carbon cycle and urban wetlands. Dr. Hartnett is also a part of many interdisciplinary projects ongoing that not only study systems on Earth but also planets outside our solar system.