Ariel Anbar

(Episode 25) — Dr. Ariel Anbar is a President’s Professor at Arizona State University. His work is widespread but focuses on perspectives and practices of isotope geochemistry. Dr. Anbar also created an online course called “Habitable Worlds” that is being used as a model for future online learning environments.

Marc Neveu

Enceladus(Episode 24) — Dr. Marc Neveu is a Postdoctoral Researcher at Arizona State specializing in icy bodies of the solar system. Marc has spent time studying Enceladus, Ceres and the Pluto system. He also hosted a public forum on the discovery of the theoretical “Planet Nine” and discusses that at length.

Darlene Cavalier

Darlene Cavalier(Episode 23) — Darlene Cavalier is a professor of practice at Arizona State University. She is also a former NBA cheerleader and the founder of ScienceCheerleader and SciStarter. Her work encourages science literacy through community engagement and direct citizen participation.


Photo credit: Charlie Leight/ASU Now